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Many companies use methods based on official statistical data to assess the state of competition. However, the peculiarities of the development of regional consumer markets require taking into account the marketing assessment of competition from both manufacturers and end-consumers. The research objective was to substantiate the competition assessment model and method in the development and adoption of marketing decisions on the regional B2C markets. The behavioral approach made it possible to develop a marketing-oriented methodology for competition assessment. The main idea was to identify the inconsistencies in the subjective perception of the state and the development of competition by different members of the regional market. The authors constructed a matrix of market competition types and described a model for competition assessment by consumers. The article features variables and methods for data analysis. The authors also described the specifics of perception and evaluation of competition by manufacturers. The methods of interpretation of similarities and differences between the competition assessment by consumers and sellers served as a basis for development or adjustment of marketing decisions. The new method is not an alternative to other methods of competition assessment in the development of strategic marketing decisions. However, it is a useful adjunct for marketing management of regional companies.

regional consumer market, behavioral approach, perception of competition by consumers, perception of competition by producers, demand factors, competitive property
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