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Subject. The subject of the current research is the saving potential of households. The matter of the essence of the saving potential of households is relatively underexplored. At the same time, it remains a topical issue from the academic as well as from the practical point of view. The matter maintains its current importance because (1) household savings are an important long-term investment resource for the uplift of the real economy sector; (2) household savings are an indicator of material well-being of households and economic growth of the regional economy in general. As a result, the investigation of theoretic aspects of the saving potential of households acquires a special actuality. Objectives. The purpose of the research work is the attempt to reveal the essence of the saving potential of households from positions of system approach. Methods. The appliance of the system approach in combination with methods of general scientific perception and special methods (comparative analysis, structuring, systematization, classification, comparison) allowed revealing the theoretic aspects of the saving potential of households. Results. The paper analyses approaches to the definition of the concept «saving potential of households» available in scientific literature. It proves the need for a system approach to the concept «saving potential of households». The article also reveals a system methodology of formation of household saving potential. It demonstrates the system properties of household saving potential and offers a structure of the system of saving potential of households. The paper features the author’s definition of household saving potential from positions of the system approach. Conclusions. The analysis of the methodological approaches to the investigation of the content of the concept «saving potential of households» makes it possible to accentuate the system approach, alongside with the resource-process and institutional approach. The system approach to saving potential of households allows one to structure the interrelated elements of the system. This interrelation must be taken into consideration while shaping the state regulation measures of the regional economy.

savings, household, savings capacity of households, system approach, system properties
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