Nemirovskiy Valentin

Author's profiles
  1. SCOPUS: 8418605200
  2. Researcherid: G-3689-2015
  3. ELIBRARY: 394256
  4. ORCID:0000-0002-4076-465X
Academic degree
doctor of sociological sciences ,
candidate of philosophical sciences
  1. Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION RAN) , department of sociology and social psychology , Leading Researcher , 2022 until now
  2. employee Tyumen state University , sociological laboratory , professor ,
  • Journal " Journal of Philosophical Research " — chlen redsoveta , employee
  • Journal " Bulletin of Kemerovo State University. Series: Political, Sociological and Economic sciences " — editorial board member , employee
Scientific interests
GRNTI 04.21 Общество как система. Социальные отношения и процессы
GRNTI 04.51 Социология сфер социальной жизни, социальных явлений и институтов
Participation in
glavnyy redaktor zhurnala «Sibirskiy socium», chlen redkollegii "Zhurnala Sibirskogo federal'nogo universiteta. Gumanitarnye nauki" chlen redkollegii zhurnala «Regionologiya»; chlen redakcionnogo soveta nauchnogo elektronnogo zhurnala «Urbanistika».
Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation


  • Regions of Eastern and Western Siberia in the context of social and cultural transformations and modernization in Russia
  • The secret organizations in the context of social changes. Post-nonclassical approach
  • Russian crisis in a mirror of post-nonclassical sociology
  • Modern theoretical sociology
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