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The article proposes a methodology for rapid analysis of risks of sustainable agricultural development based on statistical data from the perspective of the socio-ecological-economic approach of the agricultural sector. Methods: synthesis, statistical analysis, and comparison methods. The practice of world and domestic experience of using methods of assessment of sustainable development using development indicators is described. The author presents an analysis of the main economic indicators of agricultural production of the Omsk region, the financial results of economic activities of agricultural producers taking into account three components – economic, social, environmental. An assessment of the resilience of indicators from the point of view of signs of sustainable and unstable development of the agricultural industry is given. The article considers threats to the sustainable safe development of agriculture in the region, considering the monitoring of the economic component and the positive trend of the most growing sector of the economy. The main aspects of sustainable development of the agricultural sector of the region were considered, the relationship between the socio-ecological and economic components of sustainable development of agricultural production from the point of view of assessing the risks of sustainable development was revealed. An interpretation of the author's express analysis of the main components of the development of the agricultural sector in the Omsk region with the identification of risk zones and the threat of unstable development of the industry is presented.

regional development concept, economic development, risk assessment, agricultural production, development indicators
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