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Abstract (English):
Financial analysis is important for effective management: it provides growth reserves and eliminates those problem areas that can decrease key financial indicators and result in bankruptcy. The present research featured theory and practice of financial analysis of an enterprise. The paper represents a case study of Kuzbassrazrezugol OJSC, one of the leading coal mining enterprises in the country (Kuzbass, Russia). The research objective was to analyze its financial status, identify problem areas, and propose solutions. The research employed coefficient, vertical, and horizontal analysis, as well as general methods of analysis, synthesis, grouping, and generalization of data. The article introduces authentic approach to the term “financial status” and gives various scientific interpretations of the term. The paper focuses on factors, key indicators of financial analysis, and degrees of financial stability. Financial analysis includes assessment of financial stability, business activity, liquidity, and profitability. The author compiled a list of indicators for each section of financial analysis. The case study revealed that the company under analysis has a fairly strong financial position. The list of minor problems revealed included: superiority of short-term financial sources; high share of borrowed funds in the overall structure of funding sources; high share of non-current assets in the structure of the company’s property; high volume and low turnover of receivables. For each problem, the author proposed an appropriate solution. The financial analysis revealed problem areas and provided guidelines for further long-term effective development. The article owes its scientific novelty to the case study which revealed peculiarities in strategies for managing the financial status of coal mining enterprises.

financial and economic activities, financial stability, liquidity, business activity, profitability
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