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The auther reviews the multi-authored monograph "Normal Anomie" in Russia and the Modern World". The monograph examines the use of the concepts "anomie" and "anomial state" that are currently undergoing a serious transformation. The authors investigate some "pathological" forms of society, taking into account the possibilities of a holistic sociological review of the state of affairs in such relevant areas as the methodology of the anomial state of modern society, the correlation of threats and expectations of risks in the modern world, "anomie" and "norm" on the Internet, etc. The monograph demonstrates the problem of methodological gap between the studies of normal anomie problems in a society of risks and vulnerabilities and the choice by Russian citizens of new nonlinear schemes and technologies of social relationships. The emerging situation of "normal anomie" has a positive functional orientation, which is largely due to the consequences of world globalization processes. The authors of the monograph believe there is a possibility that Russian society will use a holistic / systemic picture of the transformation of social conditions, taking into account the specific application of the sociological approach in the study of the "new anomie". It is emphasized that the anomial state is the norm of social development of the modern time. Ambivalence in assessing events, resources, tools, and temporal characteristics allows us to consider the multiple, mobile, and "living picture" of the transformation of social relations in the modern world.

typology of anomial states, social transformations, innovations, sociological studies, social risks
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