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Abstract (English):
As the goal and the objectives of the study, the article features a systemic rationale for the need to form a structural and substantive basis for cluster policy within the framework of the movement of regions to a cluster-oriented model of regional economic growth to ensure their market competitiveness. The article defines a structure and content of the conceptual foundations of regional cluster policy, which makes it possible to build an algorithm for its implementation. The authors believe that the legal and regulatory framework for the conceptual basis of cluster policy will ensure the consistency and legitimacy of its conduct. The structure of the concept of cluster policy includes the directions, goals and objectives of its implementation, the principles and final indicators of the effectiveness evaluation, as well as the actual mechanism for its implementation. The mechanism for implementing regional cluster policy is presented in the form of five elements, the logic of which reflects the unity of the concept of cluster policy. The conceptual framework proposed by the authors may be universal in the practice of applying regional authorities to the development and implementation of regional cluster policy.

cluster, cluster policy, government regulation, economic policy, Omsk region
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