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The article explores the problems that interfere with the development of housing and communal services in Kemerovo. The purpose of this study is to improve the system of management of apartment houses in the city of Kemerovo. The subject of the study is the city of Kemerovo and its system of apartment house management. To achieve the goal the following research methods have been used: analysis, synthesis, methods of comparison and generalization, computational method. It was revealed that the commercial management companies of Kemerovo lack financial stability: the share of accounts payable in assets is high and amounts to more than 80 %, the value of assets has been reduced by more than 20 % over the last 3 years, the financial stability coefficients are significantly lower than the normative value 0,8-0,9) and make no more than 0,4. Other problems in the development of housing and communal services in Kemerovo are: a significant share of the city budget expenditures for subsidizing resource-supplying organizations, numerous administrative offenses by management companies, and a high percentage of depreciation of street sewage and water supply networks (more than 40 %). It is noted that municipal management organizations established in other municipalities (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, etc.) have a positive dynamics of the main performance indicators. The conclusion is made on the need to create a municipal budgetary institution «Municipal property management company» in Kemerovo.

budgetary institutions, municipal management company, apartment building management, financial stability, the problems of housing and communal services
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