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The current research features employment of university graduates in the Siberian Federal District. The objective is to assess the quality of employment among higher education system graduates. The study is based on microdata obtained from a survey on employment conducted by the Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat). The methodology is based on a comparison of employment haracteristics (the level and profile of education, formal / informal, full / part-time employment) that reflect a possible demand for graduates on the local labour market. The main research methods are descriptive and regression analysis. The obtained results indicate that approximately one third of graduates fail to find work according to their specialty and perform jobs that do not require higher education. Every eighth graduate is employed in the informal sector. These figures indicate a lower quality of employment of graduates in the Siberian Federal District, compared with the average indicators for Russia. A regression analysis has showed that employment in accordance with the level and profile of education is determined mainly by individual characteristics of individuals. The best chances are in the field of medicine, the worst – in agriculture. The assumptions about
a high demand for specialists in the field of engineering and technology and a lower demand for specialists in economics and management have not been confirmed. These employment rates turned out to be approximately equal and correspond to average values. The obtained results can be used in the formation of programs of education development (primarily at the level of flagship universities) and improvement of educational programs.

regional labor markets, employment, job quality, graduates of universities, educationoccupation- mismatch
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